Tips to Make Memorable Reunion T-shirt Printing

Reunion is a special day where you can finally meet again with long time friends. That is why to make it even more special, try to create a t-shirt printing for your reunion. Not only to be wore during the event, this t shirt can be a souvenir for you to remember the reunion especially if you design your own t shirt. If you do not know how to make a reunion t shirt, then here are some tips that need to be done.

How to make memorable reunion t-shirt printing

  1. Choose style

Before you make self design shirt, first thing that you want to do is to choose the style of the t shirt that you will use. There are a lot of t shirt styles that you can use but you should make sure that everyone can use it. If you are still confused, then you can try to use unisex style t shirt since it can fit everyone well. However choosing a specific style will make your design more special, so try to do research before deciding which style to use.

  1. Make a design

After you know the style, now it is time to create a t shirt design online. Any design will do, but since it is a reunion t shirt, then you should use a design that represents your reunion. If it is a school reunion, then use your school as part of your design or if it is a club reunion then use your club as part of your design, etc.

  1. Make a list

T shirt printing Singapore will be able to print the design that you have made before. However you need to also make a list on your order. Try to find out how many people will come to the reunion thus you will know how much to order. Do not forget to ask about every person t shirt size so you can order each size in specific number.

  1. Personalize

To make your design even better, try to personalize the t shirt printing. After you already know people that will come, then try personalized every t shirt for them. Do not worry since all you need to do is to add each person nickname to the design that you have made. As a t shirt maker, it is very easy to do, but remember that the t shirt should also match with each person size, so make sure you really know the detail before doing this personalization.

  1. Order after design

Customized t shirt need some time to be printed, especially if you order a lot for your reunion. That is why you need to order as fast as you can after you know the detail. Ask the t shirt creator how fast they can make the t shirt so you will be able to prepare everything before the reunion start.

There you have it, several things that you need to do if you want to try to create a t-shirt printing for your reunion.


Description: Try to create a t-shirt printing for your reunion so you can make the reunion even more special by using a personalized t shirt, learn how to make it here.

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