Nevi-Skin Top 8 Myths About Skin Care and Treatments – Busted


We are always a bit cautious when it comes to our skin and that is why we all start believing in all the whisperings spreading around and start acknowledging them with true heart without any investigation or knowing scientific background.

There are hundreds of myths circling around about skin care that are needed to be invalidated. It is really interesting to know the reality of all these myths is far different from what we believed to be true.

In this article, the top 8 myths / misconceptions about skin care are mentioned, hoping to clear away some of the misconceptions about skin care therapy.

Myth 1 :-Make up is damaging for your skin: 

It is a common thing you hear that make-up is damaging for your skin. It is absolutely not the truth because good quality make up products are fortified with various essential oils, vitamins, sunscreens and different moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated, fresh and protected from harsh environmental conditions.

So, to keep your skin safe, avoiding make up products isn’t mandatory. But it also doesn’t mean to load and paint you skin all the time with heavy makeup and red blush, even while sleeping. If you want to apply makeup, go ahead and indulge yourself but make sure to use good quality products and clean it all from scratch before having a nap.

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Myth 2 :-Poor diet and dirt causes pimples or acne on our skin:

One of the skin’s primary functions is to detoxify your body and especially those elements which cannot be eliminated by your digestive system. The fact that eating something oily and dirt all around us causes are main reasons to cause pimples and acne, is somewhat related as diet and skin health are interconnected to each other. Whatever you eat daily, affects your digestive system and body hormones, eventually causing swiftly drooping of skin cells and they get entrapped in the pores, causing a blockage and the ultimate result is acne. After this, sebum starts developing behind the clog creating an infection which then spreads out on your whole skin.

In short, it’s not about that eating only chocolates and fried food causes acnes and pimples but unhealthy and improper diet is the main reason behind all this fuss, so it is important to consume healthy and proper diet to have skin free from pimples or acne. Zeta White

Myth 3 :-Facials help you look younger and acne free:

The most popular concept of spa treatments and facials is that they help you look younger and your skin remains fresh for long hours. Reviling the truth, this all is nothing more than just a misconception.

Most people feel good about these facial treatments because of relaxation they gain but the real fact is, chemicals applied on your face removes the top layer of your skin, allowing the pores of your skin to open up and breath but it often accommodated by bacteria leading towards infection. But still if you want to have facial treatments, go ahead, but for relaxation purposes not for looking younger.

Myth 4 :-Organic and herbal skin products are always good for skin care:

It is a very wrong concept, even of very educated people, that organic and herbal products are always good for your health. It is really important to keep in mind that all products contain chemicals, even just in the form of preservations, so, it is wise to select products for yourself carefully that complies with your skin type .

Myth 5 :-Best sunscreens have high SPF factors:

The SPF levels mentioned on sunscreens is to let you know about the protection of UV rays, more specifically UV-B rays that are responsible for causing sun burn, but most of the available sunscreens are not efficient enough to protect your skin from UV-A and UV-C, that penetrate deep inside your skin and result in skin cancers.

So, if you want to have a sunscreen, make sure not to select the one with higher SPF factor but to buy the one that can prevent you from all types of rays. As for recommendation, sunscreens with SPF factor, between 15-26, can be applied but for only a brief period of time.

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Myth 6 :-Threading or shaving increases or decreases hair density in women:

One of the most inexpensive ways of getting rid of facial hairs is via shaving or threading and it doesn’t increase or decrease growth of facial hairs, in fact, the density of hair growth is linked with hormonal changes, in main, and may be due to menopause, thyroid dysfunction, drug abuse or any other physiological conditions.

Myth 7 :-Acne goes away on its own:

It is correct that acne outbreaks are due to hormonal changes and settle soon, but in severe cases, the spread of acne infection and filling with pus or blood clot needs medical attention.

Along with this, acne may result due to lack of vitamins and essential minerals in the body and to overcome this problem, a proper diet is essential. In any of these both cases, refraining from chocolates and fried food or denying application of moisturizers and creams, ignoring your acne together can lead to damages to skin that can be irreversible.

Myth 8 :-Oily skin needs to be dry out:

If you have an oily skin, DONOT attempt to dry or clear it out, because skin clearing products like deep tonners and cleansers, are designed in a way to promote drying of skin, producing more oil and become irritated making chronic conditions like acne worse.

Nevi Skin

Nevi skin:

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